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About Us

About Swire Properties Inc.

Established in Miami in 1976, Swire Properties Inc. serves as the U.S. real estate division of the renowned Swire Group, originating from Britain. Swire Properties’ ultimate holding company is John Swire & Sons Limited, an international conglomerate with a diversified portfolio of businesses founded in Liverpool over 200 years ago and incorporated in the U.K. Specializing in the development and management of commercial, retail, hotel, and residential properties within Miami, Swire Properties goes beyond mere development, embodying the ethos of both place-making and place-keeping. We are in the business of creative transformation.


We create sustainable living and breathing networks that allow people and nature to thrive for generations to come.

Adhering to our core values of integrity, originality, long-term focus and quality, we aim to create sustained value by developing and managing large-scale mixed-use projects that serve as the heart of urban areas. Our property portfolio in the United States encompasses over 7 million sq ft of developments and more than 2 million sq ft under planning or current development.



Miami Stats

7 M Approx. Total Sq Ft

19 Completed Projects in Miami

Including office, hotel, residential, and retail developments

3300 + Residential Units Sold

2 M Sq Ft Developed & Under Development Office Space in Class A Buildings

Plus 675k sq ft of hotel, serviced apartments and retail space

Sustainable Development

Learn more about our commitment to building spaces where people and nature can thrive for generations.

Company Core Values

Our values define us as a company and form a coherent set of principles that underpin everything we do.


We are proud of our reputation of ethical behavior for over 50 years. Our culture demands uncompromising and consistent adherence to a well-understood set of principles and standards that govern how we behave internally and externally. We treat everyone with respect, and we honor our commitments and promises. 


Our way of working is built on a tradition of doing things differently. We are open to new ideas, curious to find unique perspectives that result in innovation. Our approach is persistent with an uncompromising attention to detail while maintaining flexibility. We reward creativity, have the courage to challenge convention and we always respect differences of opinion.

Long-term focus

Our long-term investment approach comes from a combination of patient shareholders, a mindset borne from our heritage and a culture grounded in the commitment of our people. We recognize that successful projects benefit from meticulous planning, continual enhancement and an enlightened view of the social and environmental impact of our developments over time.


Quality is caring about details, recognizing the importance of design and superior professionalism in management. We set the highest targets and always aim to exceed expectations. We customize each product to the unique characteristics of its location and aim to create an inspiring, uplifting experience for each tenant, visitor, resident and guest.

Awards and Achievements

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